Woodwind Update 1.0

What's in this update?

1. Updates all response curves to original "Linear" setting. This improves
overall playability and drastically improves lower layer attack and release
response. (This fixes GS Edit bug which sets all responses to Nonlinear and
causes weird releases). Now it is as it was in the beginning.

2. Strobe tuned samples for tighter tuning.

3. Rescales all NV/ST, NV/PT and NV/ST/PT presets for smoother switching.

4. Adds NV Ensemble f, NV Ensemble p, PT Ensemble f, PT Ensemble p, ST
Ensemble f and ST Ensemble p presets.

5. Other small fixes.

6. Better file/folder management.

To get a copy of this update send in your name and serial number that came
with your copy of Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds. Please specify if it is for the Mac or PC.

Send your requests to help@dandeanpro.com.