Viola Update 2.0

What's in this update?

1. Updates all response curves to original "Linear" setting. This improves
overall playability and drastically improves lower layer attack and release
response. (This fixes GS Edit bug which sets all responses to Nonlinear and
causes weird releases). Now it is as it was in the beginning.

2. Adds Arco Short Attack Presets 1, 2 and 3, Adds Fast Attack ModWhl
Preset, Adds Arco Ensemble Preset, Adds Staccato Ensemble Preset, Adds
Tremelo Ensemble Preset, Adds Half Step Trill Ensemble Preset, Adds Whole
Step Trill Ensemble Preset, Adds Arco/Staccato ModWhl Preset, Adds
Arco/Staccato KeySw Preset, Adds Arco/Staccato VelSw Preset, Adds Trills
ModWhl Preset and Trills KeySw Preset.

3. Other small fixes.

Download the fix in either PC (.zip) or Mac (.sit) format.

How to apply the articulation file (.ART).

1. Load GS Edit.
2. Load Appropriate instrument.
3. Under "File" menu, select "load articulation file"
4. Locate the file correct articulation file & highlight it.
5. Select "Open"
6. Under the "File" menu, select "Save" - the patch will be applied.

Dan Dean